Now that he’s dead…

Today is a national holiday in Australia, so since I’m spending time with my family I don’t have to do a full blown post today.

Instead, I thought I would finally have a rant about the comic I hate most in life — not Youngblood, not Justice League: Cry for Justice, or the Rise of Arsenal, but: Johnny Hart’s B.C., which I am happy to stomp on even though the man is now dead.

Here’s why:

The evangelical strips were bile-inducing enough to begin with. What pissed me off about B.C. was all the strips specifically ABOUT JESUS. I mean the fucking strip is called **B C** as in BEFORE CHRIST for fuck’s sake, meaning how the fuck can people be talking about Jesus by name before he ever (supposedly according to a certain demographic) existed?! And aren’t neanderthals not supposed to exist in the bible anyway, Johnny Hart you bible-thumping hypocrite!! I hope he is rotting in hell — which I don’t believe exists anyway —¬†for all the shitty strips he hoisted on us.

Happy Queen’s Birthday, Australia.


4 thoughts on “Now that he’s dead…

  1. Sean Aaron

    Amen! One I remember in particular was published on Easter showing the cave dude with the blond pompadour walking up to a cave sealed with a boulder, rolling it aside and walking in. The last panel was him coming out again saying “Yes!” and doing a fist pumping motion. Presumably he had gone into the cave where Jesus was entombed and found him not there – WTF??!!??

  2. Kumar Post author

    Hahahahaha! Hilarious!! Thanks for the laughs — even your description of it sounds truly migraine-inducing. It’s a good thing I never saw that strip when it was first run, or I would probably have lost faith in humanity and killed myself.

  3. C.K.

    Your a POS! It’s a comic strip, not written for just you! The beauty of life is that we, as people, have choices. To read a comic strip or close the book. My hope for you is that some day you will see that there is a BIG picture out there, and is does not consist of just cartoon drawings.

  4. Kumar Sivasubramanian Post author

    Hi, C.K.,

    I don’t know what a “POS” is but thanks for your comment. I envy your ability to see the logic in a strip called “BC” regularly being specifically about Jesus. This post has been getting a lot of visits this week despite being two-year-old snark!


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