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Self-Promotion Theater

All my translations (all are from Dark Horse unless the hover text says otherwise):



Yoshitaka Amano "The Sky"


And now, for the Missionaria Protectiva…

… Mister Paul Atreides!!!

John Schoenherr (The Illustrated Dune) - his only Paul?

Moebius (Jodorowsky's aborted film: circa 1974-1976. HR Giger was also recruited to do design work for the movie. Salvador Dali and Orson Welles were recruited to star.)

Kyle MacLachlan (David Lynch's 1984 movie version.)

Bill Sienkiewicz (Marvel Comics, 1984. Based on MacLachlan.)

Action figure (LJN, 1984. Based on MacLachlan. Not shown: Dune napkins, tablecloth, bed spread, lunch box, pajamas, etc, etc.)

I am?! (Dune video game: Cryo Interactive / Virgin Interactive, 1992. Based on MacLachlan. 8 years after failed movie. Insane.)

Mark Zug (Dune CCG: Last Unicorn Games / Five Rings Publishing, 1997. Based on Kyle MacLachlan. THIRTEEN years after failed movie. Insane.)

Ryoichi Ikegami (Japanese poster for the 1984 Lynch film. Damn, I love this one!)


Emo Paul (Frank Herbert's Dune video game: Cryo Interactive, 2001.)

Alec Newman (John Harrison's Sci Fi Channel TV miniseries version, 2000.)

Paul Pope (2009. The Winner.)



… just doesn’t add up.

Frank Miller’s SIN CITY A DAME TO KILL FOR and THE BIG FAT KILL letters columns:

SIN CITY comic-to-movie comparisons (see here):


MPAA Rating:

R for sustained strong stylized violence, nudity and sexual content including dialogue.

All I’m saying is: The movie should have been released independently without any MPAA rating.