2 thoughts on “R.I.P. Comics Code and Good Riddance!

  1. Kumar Sivasubramanian Post author

    Well, the MPAA thing is weird, because — as far as I know — movies were not as extreme as the comics covers pictured above before the introduction of the Hayes Code and then the MPAA ratings system. You didn’t get that kind of gore in movies until the exploitation era of the seventies, and I’m assuming most of those movies went out unrated to micro-theaters and drive-ins. And some of the horror stuff I see now is more brutal than any of that. The MPAA ratings board ought to be shut down on the grounds of its hypocrisy alone.

    It’s also interesting that the “Crime SuspenStories 22” cover above is the one that kind of instigated — through a long chain — the creation of the Comics Code. But all the other ones above seem far worse. Except for the “Weird Tales of the Future” one which I only really put on there because I love Basil Wolverton’s art to death.


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