Self-Promotion Theater

All my translations (all are from Dark Horse unless the hover text says otherwise):



Yoshitaka Amano "The Sky"


2 thoughts on “Self-Promotion Theater

  1. Rene

    That is a lot of translations, Kumar. I’m sure most manga titles are never translated, though, because they are too regional and hyper-targeted at a segment of the Japanese market.

  2. Kumar Sivasubramanian Post author

    Hi, Rene!

    I think it’s more than regionality and targeting — it’s quite simply market size. Based on the volume of manga I saw coming out in Japan every week vs the US, I would guess by the seat of my pants that maybe 0.5 to 1% is actually making it to the US market. And the US market doesn’t seem to be able to support much more than it already is, even though much of that remaining 99.5% would easily still have crossover appeal.

    And believe me, I have translated my share of works that I thought were very specifically regional / targeted. Sometimes the publisher doesn’t know quite what they’re getting into, and I’ve written a lot of footnotes and annotations in my time to compensate!


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