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Alien / Aliens

So, I was looking at BANANA ALIEN today, and it got me musing…


Some things to think about while watching

ALIEN (1979, dir: Ridley Scott)

  • The first time you watch the movie, you think the survivor is going to be the handsome captain played by Tom Skerritt. Instead, it is Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) — a female.
  • The name of the ship’s computer is Mother.
  • Ripley refers to the Alien as “you bitch.”
  • The underside of the facehugger alien looks like a vagina.
  • The function of the facehugger vagina is to impregnate a male.
  • The character Lambert is impaled by the Alien through her vagina.
  • The opening scenes showing the ships halls and cryogenic sleep pods resemble traveling through a birth canal to wombs.
  • The android ash tries to suffocate Ripley with a rolled up (i.e. phallic) skin mag.


Some things to think about while watching

ALIENS (1986, dir: James Cameron)

  • People run around and shoot shit.