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Eventually, you will be able to buy stuff from me here.

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  1. Nima Afshar

    Hi Kumar,

    Nima here, fellow Aussie (or at least, resident of Sydney Australia – I’m actually Iranian). I’m a comic book writer/artist and library assistant at the City of Sydney, and have been thoroughly enjoying your translations of ‘I Am a Hero’! It really is such a compelling series, and they can’t bring out the volumes fast enough!

    Just wondering how much you might charge for a translation of this Terada Katsuya book, it’s a collection of interviews from Pie Publishing;

    I could send you a hardcopy of the book, and a word document of the interview filtered through google translate, or in the original Japanese. I copied the interviews from the Interwebs before they were taken down, however it’s extremely hard to make out what Terada Sensei is expressing, through the filter of google translate.

    I don’t want to waste your time, just wondering how much you would charge for a translation- it’s just for my own personal reference as Terada San is a huge inspiration and I would love to learn from him.


    1. Kumar Post author

      Hi, Nima,

      I’m also not Australian — I’m Indian-Canadian living in Melbourne.
      It would be expensive to translate something text-heavy like that — $20-30 per page, I’d say. Probably not worth it for personal use. It’s a beautiful looking book though!


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