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Worst. Indicia. Ever.

Below is from the last page of issue 2 of a recent American Splendor series published by DC / Vertigo. I bought this issue for the Corben-illustrated story, which is awesome. In general I prefer the earlier American Splendor stuff, but don’t let me disuade you — Harvey Pekar is still a wise man and worth reading. I especially recommend the collection Bob and Harv’s Comics which features every story Crumb ever illustrated for American Splendor. I love the movie too. The first time I felt like they portrayed Pekar as no more than a curmudgeon, but the more I watch it, the more I feel they really captured his wisdom and humanity. And Pekar should also be an inspiration to self-publishers everywhere.

Anyway, where was I… Oh yeah, Vertigo’s American Splendor #2:

And here’s the indicia at the bottom:


“The stories, characters and incidents mentioned in this magazine are entirely fictional.” DC Comics — what the fuck?!

Shouldn’t this count as false advertising or something? I mean, you buy American Splendor to get non-fiction, it’s promoted as non-fiction, and then you get to the last page and DC tells you “No, actually, it’s all made up.” I mean, obviously they are just trying to cover their asses, but it’s just such weirdly obvious bullshit, like saying: “This comic is in full color” or “This issue of Hustler does not feature any nudity” or “You are not reading this sentence.” Imagine seeing something like this at the end of, say Hoop Dreams.