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The Twinkie Defense

“David [Lynch] had trouble with the fact that Star Wars used up so much of Dune. We found sixteen points of identity between my novel and Star Wars. That is not to say this was other than coincidence, even though we figured the odds against coincidence and produced a number larger than the number of stars in the universe.”
— Frank Herbert (1920-1986) from the Introduction to Eye, 1985

 But the problem facing screenwriters recently has been that a guy named George Lucas already wandered through the book. Star Wars borrowed from Dune a lot, Frank Herbert allows. Then he takes the seriousness off it with a hearty chuckle: “And I think that they owe me at least a dinner.”
— from Rolling Stone #436, December 6 1984

After watching the gripping, marvelous, wonderful first season of HBO’s Game of Thrones (I haven’t read the book it’s based on yet, though I was gifted the series) it occurred to me (and I’m probably not the first) that George RR Martin too owes Frank Herbert a Twinkie at least. This is not as unachievable as it sounds since Herbert’s son Brian already dug up his father’s corpse years ago so he could piss and shit all over it. Go on, George! Give the man his Twinkie already!





Great Houses (of the Landsraad) Great Houses of Westeros
Duke Leto, patriarch of House Atreides, reluctantly relocates to Dune on the orders of the Emperor. Ned Stark, patriarch of House Stark, reluctantly relocates to King’s Landing on the orders of the King.
Leto is betrayed and killed on Dune. Ned Stark is betrayed and killed in King’s Landing.
The Fremen (Bedouin): formidable warriors living in the wild desert, viewed as savage / primitive by city dwellers. The Dothraki (Mongols): formidable warriors living on wild plains, viewed as savage / primitive by city dwellers.
Giant Sand Worms Giant Dragons
Paul Atreides, an exiled rightful heir to the ultimate throne, becomes a Fremen leader and will use giant sand worms to attack the capital city from the wilds. Daenerys Targaryen, an exiled rightful heir to the ultimate throne, becomes a Dothraki leader and will use giant dragons to attack the capital city from the wilds.

And if that doesn’t convince you, perhaps this will:




And now, for the Missionaria Protectiva…

… Mister Paul Atreides!!!

John Schoenherr (The Illustrated Dune) - his only Paul?

Moebius (Jodorowsky's aborted film: circa 1974-1976. HR Giger was also recruited to do design work for the movie. Salvador Dali and Orson Welles were recruited to star.)

Kyle MacLachlan (David Lynch's 1984 movie version.)

Bill Sienkiewicz (Marvel Comics, 1984. Based on MacLachlan.)

Action figure (LJN, 1984. Based on MacLachlan. Not shown: Dune napkins, tablecloth, bed spread, lunch box, pajamas, etc, etc.)

I am?! (Dune video game: Cryo Interactive / Virgin Interactive, 1992. Based on MacLachlan. 8 years after failed movie. Insane.)

Mark Zug (Dune CCG: Last Unicorn Games / Five Rings Publishing, 1997. Based on Kyle MacLachlan. THIRTEEN years after failed movie. Insane.)

Ryoichi Ikegami (Japanese poster for the 1984 Lynch film. Damn, I love this one!)


Emo Paul (Frank Herbert's Dune video game: Cryo Interactive, 2001.)

Alec Newman (John Harrison's Sci Fi Channel TV miniseries version, 2000.)

Paul Pope (2009. The Winner.)