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“Review”: Suicide Squad #15

Hello, Loyal Crime Fans!

No time to write a review for you this week as I have been busy lettering the next WCT story (finally a longer one again — 14 pages).

However, I was *going* to review SUICIDE SQUAD #15. I have no idea how I ended up owning this thing, but I picked it up off my pile and figured why not try to review it. Now, I’ve never read a SUICIDE SQUAD comic in my life before, but I have heard that it’s about a team of reformed super-villains. That’s all I came into this with.

… So, I read about 5 pages of this unintelligible nonsense and then gave up. I’m baffled that anyone at a major publishing house looked at this and thought it was: a) entertaining, b) worth publishing, c) marketable, d) a comic book.

Enlargable scans attached below for those of you who wish to recreate the experience.